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Monday Blues: Layla Ocean Rush

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Mont Bleu Glass Nail File Review

Monday Blues: Jewel Glitter Gradient

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Monday Blues: Houndstooth Gradient

nerdyfleurty said: Hi, I just discovered your blog! I'm amazed by how beautiful your nails are. I was wondering whether you would be interested in doing a guest post for my blog. The problem is that I won't have a camera in a couple of weeks, but I want to keep posting. So I came up with an alternative: guest posts. I would really appreciate it if you want to do this, but I also understand if you can't or won't. Think about it and let me know! :)

Hello! Thank you for the kind words! I would love to do a guest post for you but I’m currently away on vacation and I won’t be home for another week. So if you still need the guest post by then please let me know.

Silver Vintage Wallpaper

China Glaze Be More Pacific

Monday Blues: China Glaze Sky High-Top

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